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I’m intrigued by this idea (via Lifehacker) of taking a photo every day for a year to compile a year-long photographic record. I’m thinking of doing this (starting either on 22 November or 1 January); the challenges would be remembering to take a photo every day, and finding sufficiently interesting subjects for the photos. (Similar to the challenges of blogging regularly, which I don’t quite achieve as often as daily.)
Naturally I would post the photos on my Flickr page; I could also post them here, but it might get annoying for those who come for the text (one photo post per day would become more than 50% of the content). So it might be better to put them on a separate page, and only post highlights here.

12 thoughts on “365 Photos

  1. JSpur

    I think that is a very cool idea indeed. Go for it.
    Headed out for a day at the fish plant. Last night at the banquet our Chinese hosts threw for us I toasted the 70th anniversary of the Long March. At the mention of which the Chinese lept to their feet. It was a nice moment. Wish I had had my camera with me for it.

  2. Lemming

    Sounds awesome. The challenge would be a little easier if you only had to remember to take at least one photo every day. Also, giving yourself a few warmup weeks to get into the habit might help get the ball rolling, before the daily record counts “for reals, for reals”.
    What might be nice is a little RSS summary of the daily photos in a sidebar, or maybe just a small version of the latest photo. Then again, it’s not like I visit your blog directly much anymore, now that the comment RSS feed is working. :)

  3. Mason

    I ought to get better about photos. I still have undeveloped film dating back to at least August 2004 (DragonCon) and probably to the beginning of 2004. There are pictures in there that I really want to come out too… (like the one I took with Harlan Ellison).
    I couldn’t sleep last night (except for one hour). Damn jet lag.

  4. Lemming

    I seem to remember that was Larry Niven’s recommended solution as well. Irish coffee for creativity, cognac for, well, anything else.

  5. Arcane Gazebo

    Lemming: Those are good suggestions. I was thinking about ramping up to the one/day rate (ideally, I would take several per day and post the best). I like the idea of putting the latest one in the sidebar; I think this is easy to do automatically with Flickr.

  6. Zifnab

    That’s an interesting idea, i’m tempted to try it as well. I fear a lot of my pictures would be uninteresting to anyone but myself, but I suppose that is not the point, either.

  7. Mason

    Heh… are there any solutions that don’t involve breaking my commitment and desire not to drink alcohol?

  8. Lemming

    Of course. You can inbibe via enima, but the uptake is so rapid (and rough on your colon) that anything stronger than beer is (especially) dangerous.

  9. Mason

    How about solutions that don’t involve use of alcohol (imbibed, injected, or otherwise inserted)?
    Anyway, I’m back. And I’m tired. And I need to catch up on work.

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