Election 2006 Endorsements

My neglect of the blog continues but I really should post something about the election.

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My endorsements: Recently the Republican Congress passed a bill which legalized torture and suspended habeas corpus. I am endorsing every Democrat running for any office anywhere.
In California, we have the usual assortment of dumbass ballot initiatives. I am voting no on everything except 87 (taxing oil companies) and 89 (public election financing). I could perhaps be convinced otherwise (but you’ll need to do it before about 10am tomorrow).
I predict that Republicans will keep both houses of Congress. I think there’s no way the Senate will switch; the House seems more likely, but I think dirty tricks and rigged voting machines will put the GOP over the top.

5 thoughts on “Election 2006 Endorsements

  1. Mason

    Those bastards seem to be able to ignore the do-not-call list. Endorsing lots of Democrats—sounds familiar. :)
    I’ll be glad to not get any more of those messages on my answering machine. My mailbox has also been stuffed with this garbage.
    But no matter what happens, this election can’t possibly ever be as cool as the one Reese Witherspoon starred in.
    Can one vote absentee if one is in the process of living long-term in another country (and is not in the military)? Do you think I would need to do something beyond a standard absentee ballot to be able to do it?

  2. Justin

    A bit of a pessimist, eh? It’ll be interesting if you’re right, since this is such a tidal wave that fraud will be really obvious… I expect the House to flip, but the Senate will stay R unless Lamont wins (realistically, Lieberman is a Republican now, anyone who believes he’ll caucus with the Democrats is dangerously credulous). Possibly not even then, depending on the other close races.
    Other props to possibly vote yes on: the cigarette tax one. I don’t give a damn what (if anything) the revenue is used for, I’ve always liked the notion of “legal but heavily taxed and regulated” for potentially dangerous goods like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. To me, the tax is an end, not a means. You’d think this kind of market force behavior modification would be a right-wing policy; not in this country, I guess.
    I think I also voted yes on one of the 1X bonds, if there was one dealing with education. Bonds are bad, mmm-kay, but sometimes I can’t help myself. :-) I was also amused to realize that I neglected to vote for Senator. I meant to look up the Green candidate to see if they were worth a vote, but forgot until after mailing my ballot. Oh well, same difference in the end. It’s not like Left Coast Lieberman Feinstein needs my vote to fend off the Porn Star Politician Dick Mountjoy…
    Edit: Mason, yes, ex-pats do get to vote and there was some attempt this year to get more of them to do so (the non-military overseas Americans are overwhelmingly liberal). Please vote from the UK until/unless you get UK citizenship! I think it is just the standard absentee ballot, but you should check that by Fall ’08.
    No robo calls at our house. Maybe it’s because we’re unlisted, or maybe campaigns are clever enough to flag absentee voters and not bother them. I’d bet on the former, of course.

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Mason: I got a few robo-calls but it hasn’t been a huge number. (Plenty of junk mail, though) Fortunately my cell phone doesn’t work in the basement, unfortunately some of the robots leave voice mail. I wonder if this is why there were more cell phones than usual ringing during the colloquium today…
    As Justin said, ex-pats can vote but I don’t know the procedure.
    Justin: I am trying to figure out whether my prediction is due to pessimism or a psychological expectations management so I don’t feel so crushed if the Dems do lose the House. It could be because Republicans have won every election since I was old enough to vote, so I’ve just come to expect it.
    About the cigarette tax: my concerns about this are that it would be a very regressive tax, and that high taxes may just drive consumers to a black market. This hasn’t completely convinced me that it’s a bad idea, but when in doubt on ballot initiatives I always vote no.

  4. Mason

    That’s awesome! One year from now, I will officially be an ex-pat!
    I don’t think I’ll be going for UK citizenship. And I’m not at all surprised that most ex-pats are overwhelmingly liberal…
    I voted absentee, so that’s definitely not the cause. (Actually, I mailed it off this morning, so I suppose that’s too late?)

  5. shellock

    I am not betting eighter way on the races this year… It is far to close to call. That said i will be off to vote on my way to work and do my best to put Shays whom i normally like out on his ass. Also at least conecticuts Electroic voting machines are the kind with a paper trail

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