So this is what victory feels like

Yes! Despite my dire predictions the Democrats have finally proven that they can win elections, and have broken the GOP’s lock on the House of Representatives. The last couple of years of GOP governance have been worse than I had imagined, with the loss of the Geneva Conventions, habeas corpus, and the city of New Orleans, but the end of one-party rule should keep things from getting much worse.
Fire away with the subpeonas, Speaker Pelosi! (The Bush Administration is going to ignore the subpeonas, but it’s a start…)

9 thoughts on “So this is what victory feels like

  1. Arcane Gazebo

    I was certain that Lieberman would be tapped to replace Rumsfeld, thus keeping the Senate out of Democratic control, but it looks like Bush will nominate Robert Gates.

  2. Justin

    Very interesting!
    Interpretation 1: Lieberman is in the bag for the Republicans, as I suspected. Since they don’t need to put in a real R via Gov. Rell appointing a replacement, they can go with another Bush family retainer.
    Interpretation 2: Family loyalty trumps controlling the Senate now. I find that very unlikely – a D House makes an R Senate legislatively unimportant for anything beyond obstructionism, but they’ll want to be able to ram another wingnut onto the Supreme Court if Stevens dies or retires.

  3. Jolene

    Awesome news all around.
    For what it’s worth, my district still has a Republican representative. I’m in CA-50…yes, that’s Duke Cunningham’s gerrymandered old district. :p

  4. shellock

    as a note Rell might have issues installing a republican both houses in CT now have veto proof 2/3 democrate margins. That may also have played in

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