Voodoo dude curses Bush, frogurt; reports of magic missiles unconfirmed.

Via Josh Marshall:

Voodoo Practitioner Tries to Jinx Bush
BOGOR, Indonesia (AP) – A renowned black magic practitioner performed a voodoo ritual Thursday to jinx President George W. Bush and his entourage while he was on a brief visit to Indonesia.
Ki Gendeng Pamungkas slit the throat of a goat, a small snake and stabbed a black crow in the chest, stirred their blood with spice and broccoli before drank the “potion” and smeared some on his face.
“I don’t hate Americans, but I don’t like Bush,” said Pamungkas, who believed the ritual would succeed as, “the devil is with me today.”

Not that I know anything about potion brewing, but wouldn’t broccoli be more appropriate for jinxing Bush’s father? But just to be sure, perhaps Bush should appoint a Secretary of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Anyway, this seems redundant, since the outcomes of Bush’s policies in places like Iraq and New Orleans are already indistinguishable from cursed.

One thought on “Voodoo dude curses Bush, frogurt; reports of magic missiles unconfirmed.

  1. Mason

    I’m not so sure… those ‘defense against the dark arts’ people seem to be nothing but trouble. Maybe I can incorporate that into my new title next October?
    The inclusion of broccoli amuses me, however, despite the greater relevance to George I.
    As long as he avoids a bushu-suru, I guess it’s all good.

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