Friday Non-Random 10: Miscellaneous Song Awards, 2006

It’s December and therefore time for lots of meaningless best-of-year lists. I’ve started putting together the CD with my favorite songs of the year, and will probably post that list at the end of next week. (Really great songs that are released this month will be included in next year’s list.) Meanwhile, I want to acknowledge some songs that may not make it onto the CD, but deserve special recognition in a particular category. Some of these categories will likely return next year, but some will be one-shots. I’ve added links to songs that the artists have made available online.
Pirate Song of the Year, awarded back in September to the best song about pirates:
“Selling the Wind” by Pretty Girls Make Graves
Best Romantic Song, for the song that turns me into a hopeless romantic for three minutes:
“Jogging Gorgeous Summer” by Islands
Best Breakup Song, to balance out the Best Romantic Song:
“Tears for Affairs” by Camera Obscura
Best Bilingual Song, for the ultimate in impenetrable lyrics:
“New Years” by Asobi Seksu (English and Japanese) [mp3 download]
[Dishonorable mention to Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan for “Deus Ibi Est”, in which they employ Latin but pronounce it like French.]
Best Protest Song, in a year with plenty to protest:
“Parade” by Pretty Girls Make Graves [MySpace stream]
Best Religious Song, because religion sometimes does inspire greatness:
“Act of the Apostle Part I” by Belle & Sebastian
Best Irreligious Song, because blasphemy is usually more fun:
“Here’s Your Future” by the Thermals [mp3 download]
Best Apocalyptic Song, for when it feels like the end of the world:
“Volcanoes” by Islands [MySpace stream]
Best Bonus Track, where too many are just lame filler:
“Really Bad Weekend” by Art Brut
Arrested Development Memorial Award for Multilayered and Allusive Lyrics, for when I need to listen to your previous band’s catalog to understand the song:
“Swans (Life After Death)” by Islands
Tune in next week for the best songs of the year! In the meantime, dispute my choices above or create your own categories in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Friday Non-Random 10: Miscellaneous Song Awards, 2006

  1. Mason

    Heh, it’s hard to dispute anything when I don’t actually know any of the songs, so that I can’t even give them these awards simply by default.
    I’ll put up my music list soon, though I don’t exactly have the sample size of “new” songs you do.
    Maybe I’ll give the award to best “duo” about homosexuality to “In Private” by the Pet Shop Boys and Elton John. (Making a note now so that I remember to do it… I might as well synchronize a germane blog entry with yours.)

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Well, in principle you could dispute my choices by naming songs that I might not have considered; I’m thinking objections of the form “The best romantic song of the year is definitely ‘Summer Love’ by Justin Timberlake!”
    Except, you know, with some song that’s actually good.

  3. Mason

    Best self-rejection song: “I Made My Excuses and Left” by Pet Shop Boys :)
    Actually, “Cup of Coffee” by Garbage is a great break-up song, but I can only count the song as one of my discoveries of 2006, as it’s several years old. However, I guess with my definition of music I “discovered” (or rediscovered; that counts too) this year, this one would get that award for me.

  4. Josh

    Best Break-Up Song for me is any song by 8MM. This too is a 2006 discovery, but hey, they came out with a new album this year. I may have to go with “Stunning”.

  5. JSpur

    I was beginning to learn some new songs and artists thanks to an alternative music channel I found on satellite radio and then the Christmas season came along and shot that project to hell. Now it’s Christmas music wall to wall.

  6. Mason

    Heh, I generally hate Christmas music too, but I even recently discovered a song that I will award as the best Christmas song, though it too constitutes a discovery of an older song.
    It is called “Christmas Sucks” and is by Peter Murphy and Tom Waits.
    The holiday cheer starts with the very first line:
    Oh, give me a noose I can hang from the tree //
    I need no excuse to end my misery //
    this holiday season is all the more reason to die.

    I approve!

  7. Josh

    Call me old-fashioned, Mason, but I’m gonna have to go with “Christmas at Ground Zero” by “Weird Al” Yankovic.
    It’s Christmas at Ground Zero
    The button has been pressed
    The radio just let us know
    That this is not a test

    Fan of the classics…

  8. Wren

    The folk music stream I listen to has not only put up a members-only pledge-drive free stream (for which they got my money and will keep getting it) they have reportedly set up a separate Christmas music stream and are not playing any on the main stream(s). I can verify the second, but haven’t found the first. Not that I looked hard.

  9. Arcane Gazebo

    A classic anti-Christmas song is Tom Lehrer’s “A Christmas Carol”:
    Christmas time is here, by golly,
    Disapproval would be folly.
    Deck the halls with hunks of holly,
    Fill the cup and don’t say when.

    Kill the turkeys, ducks and chickens,
    Mix the punch, drag out the Dickens.
    Even though the prospect sickens,
    Brother, here we go again.

  10. Mason

    One of the best aspects of that particular Lehrer song is that different parts of it “borrow” the tunes from various Christmas songs.

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