Numerical update today. What I need is a “recall index” that averages the Gray Davis recall data. This wouldn’t be too hard to do, actually. Pollkatz uses a subscription service to get the Bush data, but Google News might be enough.

In other news, I have been busy working on our group’s presentation to the Army Research Office on Friday. They and the Air Force fund our research, so this will naturally be an important talk. We’ve distributed the effort so I’m only contributing a few viewgraphs.

In the course of this, trying to build Powerpoint slides on a Linux machine that will be compatible with the rest, my need for a computer running Windows in the lab has been highlighted. Of course there are already a few Windows machines, but at frantic times like this everyone is trying to use them, usually when they’re occupied taking data. (The “Windows is Evil” crowd can take me to task here, but I do need the compatibility.)

So, I’m looking into portable computing options. Probably a Dell, since I can get a discount with them through the university. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know. Also, I will likely set up my apartment for wireless networking (since this will also eliminate one of the cables that’s strung across the floor).