8 thoughts on “How to get to Caltech

  1. Lanth

    And as a nice side benefit, the comments revealed that JvP is ok, despite his long absence from Making Light. (and whatever crappy spellchecker came with the newest firefox thinks ok, spellchecker, and firefox are mispelled.)

  2. Lemming

    Well, “Firefox” is a proper noun, “OK” is typically capitalized and “spell checker” has a space. 😛
    But, asinine nit-picking aside, I agree — the dictionary is somewhat lacking. (Honestly, I only even took the shot since you’re normally on top of that and you left yourself WIDE open.)

  3. Mason

    And, of course, there was a comment from Mr. UberNerd himelf (who I still suspect padded his resume)…
    It’s too bad he used the term “hack,” but we can’t have everything.

  4. Lemming

    Bah, I had tagged my post above with html-style “hypocrisy” tags (appropriately, as i r teh phonix xpurt), but as usual the preview button kills the properly escaped sequences. Bah.

  5. siddhartha04

    So… any update on a post re the Science paper?
    On an unrelated note, I’m relatively new to this blog and I think it’s pretty cool. Just wanted to say hi.

  6. Arcane Gazebo

    Siddhartha: Welcome! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. The post on the Science paper is way overdue; my current thinking is that I’ll post the ’80s music thread around Monday, and hope that that thread is active for several days while I work on the qubits post.

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