8 thoughts on “Caltech basketball breaks with tradition

  1. Jolene

    This is awesome news. And to think, I just got back from dinner with a couple of friends whose son plays sports for Claremont McKenna College and has seen firsthand how lousy Tech athletic teams can be.

  2. Zifnab

    This story was also linked on the front page of CNN.com at one point today, for that’s where I saw it. Good job guys! Not that I know any of the people on our basketball team this year. I was about to say I’m not sure I ever did, but then it occurs to me that one memorable Lloydie definately played basketball. So i’ll be quiet now and let yall figure out who it was I am remembering.

  3. lidarose

    Here’s what I remember about Bard College, from a college trip visit with one of my children some years ago: It’s a good school in upstate NY, small, with a special program for high school students who want to come to college a couple years early (Simon’s Rock at Bard) and it has a beautiful campus (lots of trees etc.) The one thing I remember very clearly about the campus is that they try, when building new buildings on campus, to make each new building a completely different style from all the other buildings that are already there. It makes for a rather eclectic look… Oh, and the small town it is in had an absolutely wonderful used bookstore and some interesting restaurants.
    I don’t remember anything about their basketball team.

  4. Mason

    Hmmm… the article was off by 100 in their estimate of the size of our undergraduate student body.
    I remember when we won that last game in 1996. We made ESPN, and the newspaper articles had some great quotes.
    I guess Caltech’s next win may come the next time I have a current affiliation with the school?
    Bard College is a well-known liberal arts school. As far as I can tell, they’re in the middle of nowhere to such an extent that they make Ithaca seem like it’s in the center of civilzation. I had an on-campus interview invite to Bard a couple years ago, but I declined it once I had my Davis interview in part for middle of nowhere reasons and in part because I would have been the first new hire to the department in about 10 years (the department has 4 faculty at one time) and I decided that new blood in a department I’d prefer to be in needs new blood a lot more frequently than that. (I would like to visit because a lot of the things they do there academically sounded really cool, but there were a couple serious negatives for me as far as permanent positions go.)
    The city they’re in is called Annandale-on-Hudson or something like that.

  5. Lemming

    J: What’s this about lousy athletic teams? I seem to remember us doing quite well, placing well in the West Coast Regionals (usually) and even sending the occasional athlete to the nationals…
    Z: Gee, besides Ryoga (who wasn’t on the team very long), could you be talking about someone who did something with someone else right outside your door?
    M: Clearly, your turning down the interview had a crushing, long-term effect on the schools morale.

  6. Mason

    Lemming: In that case, I should have been using these scheme to bet on sports games… (I did have a couple interviews at Div-IA schools a couple years ago.)

  7. Mason

    Lemming: In that case, I should have been using this scheme to bet on sports games… (I did have a couple interviews at Div-IA schools a couple years ago.)

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