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captured rainwater, originally uploaded by arcanegazebo.

This is the thread for comments on my photos if you don’t want to log into Flickr to do so. I’ll put a static link to it on the sidebar.

Above: yesterday’s photo, taken after a rainstorm that happened to coincide with my walk home.

23 thoughts on “Project 365 comments thread

  1. Lemming

    re: penne alla vodka for lazy evenings
    I skipped breakfast, and I was hanging in there, but now thanks to that damn picture I’m ravenous.
    Quick question about the recipe — how well do you think it’d hold up swapping milk for heavy cream? A bit weak, I know, but I usually don’t have heavy cream on hand, and I try to minimize the number of perishables in the fridge since I don’t actually cook that often anymore. >

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Hmm, I’m not sure how well it would work with milk. I’m guessing the butterfat is important, but maybe adding a larger quantity of whole or 2% milk and boiling off most of the liquid would work.
    Vanessa would like to see a vegan version, so maybe some experimenting with different substitutes for the cream is in order. Might make good blog fodder too.

  3. Lemming

    Mason — you’ll figure it out. If you don’t, though, I could see you being stuck on it for weeks.

  4. Mason

    I don’t think I’m going to think too hard about where I saw heart-shaped rings.
    “I’m trying to think, but nothing happens.”

  5. Mason

    You can read about Boltzmann’s hanging here. I’d especially like to point out the following excerpts.
    First, here’s a lesson that all theorists should take to heart:
    Attacks on his work continued and he began to feel that his life’s work was about to collapse despite his defence of his theories. Depressed and in bad health, Boltzmann committed suicide just before experiment verified his work.
    Second, here’s a lesson that all people who are considering marriage and/or children should take to heart:
    On holiday with his wife and daughter at the Bay of Duino near Trieste, he hanged himself while his wife and daughter were swimming. However the cause of his suicide may have been wrongly attributed to the lack of acceptance of his ideas.
    Not to be cynical or anything…

  6. Mason

    Wow, the sillhouette is yet another extremely nice picture!
    As for trouble sleeping and the (facetious, I’m thinking) speculation if it has anything to do with the March Meeting, then I’ve got just the ‘wake-me-up’ for you. :)
    By the way, good luck with the talk! Don’t forget to mention Angelina and Brad.

  7. Arcane Gazebo

    Mason: Thanks!
    Yeah, I don’t really think the March Meeting is the source of my insomnia. It is usually driven by anxiety, but if that’s the case now it’s not clear what the source is.
    Lemming: The short answer is: with the timer. :)
    The long answer: First I set up the lighting–the lamp by my bed was the only light source for the photo, and I oriented it for a pool-of-light effect. (Normally when I use it for reading I aim it at the wall instead so the light is more diffuse. It’s actually very bright, a halogen bulb.) I took a few pictures of the empty bed to make sure the camera was getting enough light; I also tried it with the other room lights on, but the darker version was better. I used the widest aperture (f/2.7) and let the camera select exposure time automatically (it was 1/8 sec for this shot). Then just set the 10-second timer, put the camera on the dresser aimed at the bed, and got in position. The one thing I didn’t know was how my pose looked from that angle, but I’m reasonably happy with how it turned out.
    I think this photo looks better in the larger size (click “all sizes”) but you may need to be logged into Flickr to see this.

  8. Mason

    Don’t forget to go to the nonlinear science gallery in the exhibit hall to check out my video entry. It’s got a soundtrack and everything, though the infinite repeat thing might be bothersome to some people.

  9. Anonymous

    That’s one of those machines where you slip your penny in the top and then it makes its way down and when it comes out the other side it is embossed with a beautiful design. duh!

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