Music news for JSpur

The rest of you may also be interested:
Ted Leo’s new CD will be released March 20. (Via Atrios, who is not normally a source for music news, but Ted Leo is appropriate.) There’s also a freely downloadable mp3 at the link.
Iron & Wine are planning a release in the fall (via Pitchfork).
If you don’t know these bands, you need to listen to more of my mix CDs. Speaking of which, I should mail out copies of the 2006 CD to those who didn’t get one…

5 thoughts on “Music news for JSpur

  1. JSpur

    Cool. Thanks. My calendar has been appropriately marked. Still need to score the new Patty Griffin. Maybe this week I’ll get around to that.

  2. Lemming

    Or, you know, you could just visit LA.
    The Ted Leo bit sounds intriguing, if I’ve heard any of his work before I can’t remember it. How indicative is that track of the rest of his work?

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Ted Leo’s “Me and Mia” was on my Coachella mix CD. That and “Sons of Cain” are both fairly indicative of his style (“Me and Mia” of course being one I particularly like).
    I do need to visit LA, but my usual strategy of “wait for a good weekend and then just go” has failed, since this is turning out to be the second-busiest semester of my grad school career. There’s an outside chance I might be able to visit the weekend of the 23-25th, and another outside chance I might find something in March (the weekend of the 16-18th), and otherwise it may be a while. :(

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