9 thoughts on “Please Stand By

  1. Chris L-S

    OK, seriously, should I really see this if I have so far managed to completely avoid hearing “My Humps”? I’m pretty content with my blissful state of ignorance of that song, so I’m not sure a parody/reimagining would be that worthwhile.

  2. Josh

    An award winning YouTube Comment:
    felster (42 minutes ago)
    i really liked the way the song sounded… but the vid was just weird…

  3. Mason

    I’ve never heard the original, though I am certainly guessing that hearing/watching it would make me appreciate it more.
    So I’m guessing the original version isn’t a ballad? 😛 (Obvious statement of the year, eh?)

  4. Josh

    Mason, I understand you having avoided “My Humps”, since it is the worst thing to grace any genre claiming to be dance or hip-hop related.
    But can you deal with this Hurt?

  5. Jenny

    I just want to comment that this is the FIRST time that I have heard of both the song and artist mentioned by AG. I feel like such a philistine.

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