Been through the desert on a camera with no screen

I’m back from Coachella, where the weather was hot and the music was awesome. I’ll post a full rundown later. In the meantime, the Project 365 photoset has been brought up to date with the last five days of photos. I have a few more Coachella photos to post later as well. (I took many more but the broken screen on my camera was particularly troublesome, and most didn’t come out.)
I’ve been completely away from internet and sources of news for five days; did I miss anything?

5 thoughts on “Been through the desert on a camera with no screen

  1. Chris L-S

    Did you hear about the tanker truck accident that melted part of the freeway getting off of the Bay Bridge? Traffic is going to be even MORE screwed up around the 580-80 interchange for MONTHS.
    Look for pictures of it – the freeway looks like black taffy. No, seriously!

  2. Lemming

    Yeah, no kidding. I just saw that on the news yesterday.
    Scanning Wikipedia (because I don’t remember), it only took a month to re-open the Bay Bridge after Loma Prieta, so they might very well get it cleaned up quickly.
    On the other hand, now I’m feeling depressed. Blarg.

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Wow, yeah. I try to avoid that interchange anyway but this could make it much worse. (I heard it wasn’t so bad yesterday because everyone was avoiding it, but I bet that doesn’t last long.)

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