Coachella 2007: Verdicts

(Posted first so it’s up while I work on the detailed report.)
(And here’s last year’s.)
Obviously, this only applies to the artists that I saw; I’m sure I missed a lot of good stuff.
Instruments category:
Best vocals: Win Butler (Arcade Fire)
Best guitar (electric division): Mike Stroud (Ratatat)
Best guitar (acoustic division): Rodrigo Sanchez (Rodrigo y Gabriela)
Best bass: This has to be Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), right?
Best synth: Hot Chip
Best violin section: The Arcade Fire
Best brass section: Lily Allen
Flair category:
Best audience participation: The Decemberists
Best band name: Travis
No, seriously: !!! (“chk chk chk”)
Best costumes (general): Of Montreal
Best costumes (cetacean division): The Decemberists
Most endearing display of modesty: Thurston Moore introducing the band and the lead song as if no one had ever heard of Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation, or “Teen Age Riot”.
Most endearing display of immodesty: Carl Newman (The New Pornographers): “Bow before our new album cover!”
Best celebrity cameo: Scarlett Johansson with the Jesus and Mary Chain on “Just Like Honey”
Organization category:
Best stage: Outdoor Theater
Best day’s lineup: Saturday
Most agonizing schedule conflict: !!! vs. The Decemberists
Song category:
Best cover: Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” played by Rodrigo y Gabriela
Bands playing songs that appear in Guitar Hero:
Satellite Party covering “Stop”
The Willie Nelson Family Band covering “Texas Flood”
Rage against the Machine playing “Killing in the Name Of”
(Did RHCP play “Higher Ground”?)
Best performance of a single song: The Decemberists, “The Mariner’s Revenge Song”
Band category:
Best band I’d never even heard of: The Feeling
Best band I’d heard of but never really looked into before: Hot Chip
Best band at the festival: Arcade Fire
Best overall performance: Of Montreal

7 thoughts on “Coachella 2007: Verdicts

  1. Mason

    I’ve heard of the band Travis before. They have had a couple of hits that I really like: “Side” and “Why Does it Always Rain on Me?”.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    I’d heard of them as well but I’m not very familiar with them. I didn’t catch their set, since it was at the same time as the New Pornographers. Although we did hear a bit of “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” during a break between songs at the New Pornos set. I actually have more to say about this but it’ll appear in my Day 2 report.
    I was hoping to write the detailed reports tonight, but since I’m suddenly exhausted I’ll do it tomorrow.

  3. Josh

    Are you telling me I’ve been doing this goddamned play trying to be all artistic and theatrical and I goddamn missed Scarlett Johansson at Coachella???????????????????????????????????

  4. Lemming

    I’ve been waiting for this — you realize I’m depending on you for my vicarious concert attendance, right?
    And Scarlett “really f-ing hot” Johansson? Wow.
    Looking forward to the in-depth post.

  5. Arcane Gazebo

    Josh: Ha ha! She sang vocals on the song “Just Like Honey”, which appeared in Lost in Translation.
    Wren: Briefly, on the video screen since I was too far away from the stage to see her in person. But I didn’t watch the set, so I didn’t see much, and had to view the outfit in press photos later.

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