Running against the wind

Stuff I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Even the filler strips at Dresden Codak are wonderful. The latest (for which a permalink doesn’t seem to exist yet, but it’s on the main page) is a bit xkcd-esque, but with a healthy dose of surrealism.

  • “Don’t Make Me a Target” is my favorite song off the new Spoon album. The rest of the CD is really good too; other favorites are “Rhthm and Soul”, and “The Underdog”, for which there’s a video:

  • This post at 3 Quarks Daily is equal parts geeky, silly, and poetic: “Among the inert gases lowest on the Periodic Table of Elements is love”

2 thoughts on “Running against the wind

  1. Lemming

    Maybe it’s just my current state (on the verge of going to the zoo), or my need for new music, but that song rips my… well, it’s good.

  2. Mason

    Someone at the conference specifically went up to me when I wore the ‘not antisocial, just shy’ and indicated that XKCD was one of his favorite web comics. I had my computer in front of me and was watching for someone with whom I was supposed to meet up, so in my distracted state, I think he felt I blew him off (even though that wasn’t my intent).

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