Instrumental Loveless

I was listening to one of my two favorite albums of all time—My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless—when I read that an instrumental band called Japancakes is covering the entire album on a CD coming out in November. This is a highly ambitious project, both from a technical standpoint (see Wikipedia for what was required to make the original), and from a critical one—in indie rock circles Loveless is a consensus choice for one of the best albums of all time, and a cover will almost certainly fall short.
So I was pleasantly surprised that Japancakes’ take on the first song (“Only Shallow”) is actually pretty good:

I downloaded the mp3 (in the first link above) and will probably buy the album. It certainly won’t supplant the original, but it’s an interesting twist.
The original version of “Only Shallow” can be found on YouTube but I won’t link it; this really is one of those albums that needs to be heard in CD quality (and preferably on good speakers rather than, say, iPod earbuds). If you’re unfamiliar with the album, you might still have heard the song “Sometimes” on the Lost in Translation soundtrack (but if you’re looking to try out one or two of the songs, go with “To Here Knows When” or “Soon”).