Avast! Ahoy! Yo ho! And so forth!

YARR! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Traditionally (ok, just last year), I announce the Pirate Song of the Year today, but I can’t think of any sufficiently piratical songs that have come out this year. However, we are taking nominations in the comments.
Instead, we open a new category: The Pirate Film of the Year.
Gore Verbinski, present yerself at the foredeck!
For the achievement of Pirate Film So Reportedly Lame I Didn’t Bother Seeing It (of the Year), ye are rewarded with a one-way voyage to Davy Jones’ Locker. Feed him to the sharks!
And now, the Pirate Film of the Year: Stardust. An extra share of booty fer Neil Gaiman, Matthew Vaughn, and Robert De Niro! ARRR!
Elsewhere, Chris Bertram warns not to try talking like a pirate in Bristol, where they talk like this all the time.

5 thoughts on “Avast! Ahoy! Yo ho! And so forth!

  1. Mason

    Stardust certainly seems like th’ logical pick fer sea dog film o’ th’ voyage (an’, at least fer me, be a strong contender fer overall film o’ th’ voyage).
    I already really wanted t’ visit Bristol on accoun’ o’ the’r research squadron in me area be one o’ th’ best in th’ world, but wi’ this new information I be havin’ an additional reason t’ go. I really want t’ hear th’ accent in swabbie. (I know th’ novelty will wear off, but ’tis still thar fer now.)
    Also, let me steal a joke from Jay Leno: Be havin’ ye erenoticed how th’ sea dogs in films always seem t’ win? Well, if ye want t’ be seein’ th’ sea dogs lose, move t’ Pittsburgh! [Granted, th’ joke works better verbally on accoun’ o’ one dasn’t be havin’ t’ worry about caps versus nay. `Tis also especially unfortunate at th’ moment, as th’ Sea dogs be currently playin’ th’ Padres.]

  2. Chris L-S

    Absolutely awesome film – we had a fantastic time watching it. Another movie we actually want to own.

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