I never realized how terrible this page looks if there aren’t actually any recent posts. I’m deep into the thesis-writing right now so posting will be very sporadic at best for a while longer, but check back in about a month.

6 thoughts on “Ick

  1. Arcane Gazebo

    Yesterday I hit the halfway mark (counting by number of chapters). I’m hoping the second half will be easier to write than the first, now that I’m done with background material, theory, and nitpicky apparatus details.

  2. Mason

    Yeah, but have you yet written the only part of the thesis that people actually read? (By which I mean the acknowledgements section, of course!)
    Not to be cynical or anything…
    That said, I get to be an Examiner in December and I am going to be expected to read the whole bloody thesis I get. (It works differently here than what I’m used to — the Examiners are different people from the supervisor. One is external and the other is internal.) I’m rooting for it to be short and sweet.

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