Coachella 2008 lineup

I’m a little late blogging this, but the Coachella 2008 lineup has been announced. However, is it just me or is the lineup weaker this year? Or maybe I’m just getting old and don’t know who the cool bands are anymore. (There are certainly a lot of unknown-to-me names on the list.) I may skip it this year and just catch Stars on whatever tour date is closest to wherever I happen to be in April. (I’ve been on a major Stars kick lately—partly their new album from last year and partly a new appreciation of Heart, on which several songs are more relevant than they used to be. They put on an amazing show the one time I saw them live, which was two years ago.)
Last year, when all the high-profile Coachella reunions were announced, I declared at the lunch table that My Bloody Valentine should reunite for Coachella 2008. Then they did reunite last year, and they were rumored to be playing Coachella, but they’re not on the list so it looks like I don’t get my wish.
It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video so here’s “Elevator Love Letter” by Stars, from Heart. (Set Yourself on Fire remains their best album, however.)

5 thoughts on “Coachella 2008 lineup

  1. Mason

    I have heard of very few bands on that list—mostly through you but a few I know on my own. You’re right that it’s hardly a spectacular lineup (at least as far as who I am familiar with in advance), but I’d be up for seeing artists like Madness, Kraftwerk, Sia, and Flogging Molly.
    There is a festival in the UK at some point in the summer. Apparently, Fogerty played at it last year. I don’t remember the name, though, so hopefully I’ll have figured this out by the time it’s relevant. (I do know who to ask, but thus far it seems we only run into each other twice a term—so maybe I’ll remember to ask about this the next time.)
    Coachella definitely isn’t exciting enough for me to fly to the US to do it, though I did briefly wonder beforehand if the bands who were playing might encourage me to try that.

  2. Lemming

    Yeah, I can’t say I’m too excited about it either. The Roger Waters set on the last day would be worth catching… but I’ve already seen it. A small number of other acts sound intriguing, but that’s about it.

  3. Zifnab

    <3 Stars! The song you put on the mix CD was fantastic and my favorite of the CD, I would love to see them in concert if you find a tour date out this way.

  4. Arcane Gazebo

    Z: If you haven’t already, definitely listen to Set Yourself on Fire. Also my 5-star picks from Heart: “Elevator Love Letter”, “Heart”, and “Death to Death”.
    They just announced some tour dates but none of them (save Coachella) are in California… hopefully they’ll extend it and hit LA and SF after Indio.

  5. Mason

    I’m glad I had a chance to follow your link yesterday, because it put Kraftwerk on my mind that I used for a nice snarky remark last night. (Not that it went over well or anything, but it amused me.)

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