Yeasayer, All Hour Cymbals

It always happens: people post “Best of…” lists at the end of the year, which leads me to great records that I wish I’d known about earlier (so they could contribute to the annual mix CD). I came across this one a few weeks ago: All Hour Cymbals by Yeasayer.
How to describe it? According to Wikipedia their self-description is “Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel,” which sort of captures it. They sounds a bit like TV on the Radio along certain dimensions. Apart from that, they don’t sound like anything else I can think of. Lots of unusual instruments, and a very unique texture—there’s definitely an exotic quality to it.
It’s one of those albums where the best tracks are stacked in front: “Sunrise”, “Wait for the Summer”, and “2080” are all terrific, so if you only download a few songs make it those three. (And two of them are freely available at the band’s website.) Here’s 30 seconds of “2080” (since unfortunately I can’t find a good source for embedding the full song):