Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I’d like to introduce a new metric for rating movies in which a comedy film is evaluated based on the number of Belle & Sebastian songs on the soundtrack. As applied to movies I’ve seen recently:

  • Juno: 2 stars

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall: 1 star
  • Be Kind, Rewind: 0 stars

This metric gets the correct ordering for this selection, but quickly breaks down when one realizes that Storytelling should then be the best film of all time.
Anyway, I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall today, and found that it exceeded expectations in several categories, not just Belle & Sebastian songs but also general hilarity, Jason Bateman cameos, and (regrettably) full frontal male nudity. If you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy before you know the entire plot, but this isn’t what drives the humor so much as the interplay between the four principal characters. I place this one in the second tier of Judd Apatow productions: on par with Superbad, not quite as good as 40 Year Old Virgin or Knocked Up.
Reading the Wikipedia entry for Marshall writer and star Jason Segel, I see that he will be writing and directing the next Muppets movie. I’m looking forward to this as long as it doesn’t involve him appearing naked again.

5 thoughts on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  1. Mason

    I was disappointed by Superbad. Currently, I plan to see Son of Rambow as soon as I get a chance (this is a UK film, so I don’t know if that’s out in the US now, earlier, or later) and Persepolis when it comes out in a couple of weeks. Both of those look really awesome.

  2. Zifnab

    Check out Forbidden Kingdom if you get a chance, saw it friday and it was pretty cool. I normally don’t have expectations of plot for a Jackie Chan movie, but this one actually had one. And the fight scenes were awesome.
    I’ve been meaning to see Persepolis at some point. That may or may not lead to me ever actually seeing it. I’ve also meant to watch Letters from Iwo Jima, and even got the DVD, but have yet to make the time/company to do so.

  3. Mason

    Lemming mentioned Forbidden Kingdom to me by IM, and it sounds really cool. I hadn’t heard about it before, so I’m not sure how soon we’ll be getting it around here.

  4. Arcane Gazebo

    I actually saw Forbidden Kingdom yesterday. I thought it was a decent film with good fight scenes and one huge, glaring flaw. I might post about this later today.

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