Squam Lake, New Hampshire

1231 ft., originally uploaded by arcanegazebo.

No pictures of New York City this week since I spent the weekend in New Hampshire… but I do have a few pictures of New Hampshire, here.

5 thoughts on “Squam Lake, New Hampshire

  1. Mason

    New Hampshire is an element of the set of states I’ve never visited.
    P.S. I appreciate not dumping the entirety of one’s camera contents onto Flickr, but I also appreciate laziness and the fact that many people wouldn’t share their photos at all if they had to cull them first.

  2. Mason Porter

    Yes, but would you rather have people just not share their photos? It’s nice for people to share their photos, so I don’t want to be too picky about how they do it. It’s certainly fine to vote with one’s feet and not see them if there’s too much noise. In practice, it seems that for most people the choice is core-dumped photos or no photos, and as long as they’re not e-mailing me the lot of them, I’ll choose the former (and I can either sift through them or not). Anyway, I just think you’re expecting too much. (Likewise, they’re expecting too much if they think most people are going to go through a bunch of noise.)

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    I think you’re setting up a false dilemma. Even a token effort to take out duplicate pictures would be better than spamming my Flickr contacts feed with everything, and it wouldn’t take very much time or energy. The various Flickr uploader tools make it very easy to drag and drop selections from Picasa or iPhoto or whatever; all you need to do is skim through the set once and drag the good stuff over. If someone doesn’t do this, what they are saying to me is that they don’t think their photos are worth looking at, since they themselves didn’t bother to do it.
    Besides, it makes you look like a better photographer if you only upload your best photos. (Actually, scratch the “look like”: post-shoot photo selection is as much a part of the creative process as selection of lighting or composition.)

  4. Katie

    Nice photos. As for the unidentified man, he is the one who came up to us and announced that Nick and Abe must be computer programmers.

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