Burn After Reading

Saw the latest from Ethan and Joel Coen last night. While it’s not at the level of their best films (No Country for Old Men and The Big Lebowski, and reportedly Raising Arizona which I still haven’t seen), it’s still entertaining and I recommend it. In comic tone it’s similar to Intolerable Cruelty but funnier. It’s also much less linear: it’s one of those plots that starts out as several seemingly unconnected stories that all come together at the end. Usually it’s better when this happens in a neat and clever way, but part of the comedy here is that the whole chain of events is pretty ridiculous. (This is one thing it does share with The Big Lebowski.)
I plan to sign up for Netflix in the near future, and one of my first actions will be to add a large fraction of the works of the Coen brothers to my queue. (I’ve seen just under half of them.)

2 thoughts on “Burn After Reading

  1. Mason

    This one thankfully is coming over here. (When I checked a couple of days ago, IMDB’s entry suggests that Woody Allen’s new film isn’t. :( I hope that ends up being wrong.) In addition to Lebowsky, the Coen brothers’ films I’ve seen are Fargo (you betcha’) and O Brother, Where Art Thou?.

  2. Mason

    Hmmm… they updated that listing. Allen’s film will be here for the London film festival, though I strongly suspect it will be very hard for me to get over to do that (and possibly even to get tickets… that one sold out for the Montreal film festival).

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