Games of New York

I was walking along Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village today when I was surprised to spot someone running a shell game. Not some metaphorical shell game with sketchy accounting practices, but an actual shell game. With soda bottle caps. Maybe it’s just my naivete about the Big City, but I always imagined that while shell games probably went on in old-timey New York, the con artists moved on to a new scam once the phrase “shell game” entered the language as a synonym for cheating. But there it was, and Wikipedia confirms that shell games are still run “at locations with a high tourist concentration.”
Still, I’m shocked there are people who don’t know this is a scam. Maybe it’s a sign of the dire economic times: 50-billion-dollar Ponzi schemes are out, shell games played on a cardboard box are in.

4 thoughts on “Games of New York

  1. JSpur

    I am of the view that that particular genre of con that has been known as Ponzi schemes should be renamed Madoff schemes as a way of making immortal Bernie’s crimes, which seem to me to be of such more heinous scope than anything ever done along this line. Seems like the right way to recognize that Madoff has retired the trophy.

  2. shellock

    Why would anybody invest with a guy names Madoff way to telling a name almost Made Off which is what he did

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