P-PIP for Dummies

The Financial Times website has a cool animated explanation of the Public-Private Investment Partnership program here. It takes about three minutes to watch and is narrated by a guy with a terrific English accent. Things always seems more understandable when they’re explained by the English, for some reason.
Although having seen “Quantum of Solace” for the second time last night, I’m still not sure I understand that, even though it was quite obviously the product of an English imagination.
The chase scenes were fun, though.

2 thoughts on “P-PIP for Dummies

  1. JSpur

    He and Tony Soprano are essentially of one mind as to the risk-reward evaluation the hedgies will make when deciding whether to put their money up. There will no doubt be plenty of buy side interest. The question is whether Tony has it right in terms of the arm twisting the government will have to do to get the banks to sell.

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