Yes, this is the default WordPress theme

Because sometimes, you want to write something about The Great Gatsby, but it’s too long to fit into a Facebook post. But your abandoned blog is using some archaic version of Movable Type that’s probably vulnerable to all sorts of exploits, and your account is literally over hard drive quota because the error log is too large. And your web host has a link to install a recent-ish version of WordPress with one click…

Sure, it annihilates the old layout, but it was mainly a lot of broken links to shit you were into ten years ago. And, ok, the formatting didn’t import perfectly, but the old posts and comments are still there. Maybe you can even take the opportunity to delete that post about how Mitt Romney was going to beat Obama in 2012. (In my defense, that was before Nate Silver had run his model.)

Anyway, I’ll customize the layout later, but right now I had this thing I wanted to write about Gatsby.