Blogging the Hugos

So my last attempt to start posting here again—over two years ago—lasted all of two posts. After that I started to think that perhaps my blogging days were over for good. I kept paying the hosting bills, but mainly because I had come to think of this site as a sort of personal history, particularly of my grad school years. It was nice to know that it was out there for me to read if I wanted. But even in the larger internet it seemed that the age of blogging was over, supplanted by platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

And yet once again I find myself with opinions that I’m dying to express. Twitter is no good for long-form writing, and Facebook is too closed—I don’t want to limit my audience just to those of my friends and family who are on the site. So I find myself dusting off the WordPress controls again. (And trying to remember my password–got it on the sixth try.)

This time, though, I have a project. In August I’ll be attending the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention, and as an attendee I’ll be voting on the Hugo Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in science fiction/fantasy. And in order to do that, I’m planning to read all the nominees—and review them here. Some of them I’m expecting to be great; many of them I’m expecting to be terrible. (More on that, and why I’m doing this, in the next post.) Either way, you’ll be able to hear about them here. Should be fun! And it should keep me blogging for a couple of months at least.