If you’re looking for last week’s updates, check the comment thread on the Locke v. Davey post. Aside from that, I found myself reluctant to spend extra time in front of a computer screen due to my activities at work.

So, since I obviously wasn’t making entries here, how did I spend my time?

  • In lab we still don’t have a working sample to study, but this doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. I’ve been doing theoretical calculations of one of our chip designs, and spent a good deal of time this week resolving a discrepancy whose origin turned out to be too trivial to mention.
  • Having fixed that, I turned my considerable computer skills to the task of… making a bunch of Powerpoint slides. For my advisor’s talk. (But they will be recycled for my talk in March.) This is what motivated me to spend my spare time away from the computer.
  • I picked up DDR Max 2 and plugged in the dance pad for the first time in almost a year. Fortunately my arrow-reading has not atrophied too much; I was able to pass my old nemesis, heavy Secret Rendevous. (By a hair, but still passed.) Also, it turns out there’s an advantage to having to hear that accursed dj sammy song on the radio over and over again – I knew the song well enough to full combo it on heavy. Unfortunately, that unlocked the extra stage, where I tried playing only one arrow and still couldn’t move that fast. No human could pass that…
  • I’m making my way through Legacy of Kain: Defiance, at just under a chapter per day. I seem to be enjoying Kain’s chapters better than Raziel’s, for a number of reasons (but they’re both good). At the moment I’m in Vorador’s Mansion with Raziel.
  • I finished watching season 3 of Buffy. The finale was a two-parter, which I watched on separate days; this caused me to have dreams about it in between parts. Specifically, I dreamed I was going to be assisting Buffy in battle, leading to another dream appearance of the katana. What’s that all about? Well, I know what Freud would say…
  • Farewell party for Sven at John’s house. John informed me that my wine consumption was not up to my usual standard. I reminded him that I have to drive home from his house these days. Also, a person who will remain anonymous asked how much wine it takes for me to get drunk. I don’t know why there’s so much interest in this. Besides, it seems to me that getting drunk at a party where my boss is present is one of those classic Bad Ideas.
  • The usual Sunday plan: long run followed by long drive followed by D&D.

So it isn’t as if I did nothing

6 thoughts on “report/heaviness

  1. Tracy Manford

    Welllll you never know what will happen when you intellectual-types get trashed. Mayhem could ensue and unless your boss is leading the mayhem with his boxers on his head it probably wouldn’t be in your best interest to be involoved. Ya dig? Ha! :)

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Let’s try to avoid raising the subject of my boss’s boxers in any context.

    But we are all in agreement here; my earlier comment was in reference to a previous (offline) discussion on classic Bad Ideas with the other commenter in this thread.

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