Today’s quantum computing seminar answered one of my burning questions: The noun form of “nukyular” is, in fact, “nukyulus”.

It’s jarring enough when the president says it, but when it’s a physics PhD

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  1. Tracy Manford

    Well supposably professors have a better grasp of the English language…maybe you should axe around to see if this prof has a speech impediment…

    hee hee hee

  2. Anonymous

    Bah…I wish I were surprised.

    Given the literary ability displayed in PRLs (not to mention the referees in wanna-be PRLs), it seems to me there’s little (if any) positive correlation between physics ability and literary coherence. There may even be a negative correlation, and that’s just among the people for whom English is the mother tongue!

    In other news, I’ve decided to vow to be less neurotic. (I was going to vow to not be neurotic at all, but I need to at least be remotely realistic.) I may even make this my New Year’s resolution. I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution before, but this seems like a good one. (I could also make a New Year’s resolution to get a date, but I could solve that problem with enough money if I really wanted to go that route.)

    Hey, are you going to the March meeting next year? It’s in Montreal!!! All the Tech alums can take over. I’ve been having a (2-month-long) e-mail conversation with one Tech alum who is probably going. Among other things, she was known for once wearing duct tape to Apache.

    Hmmm…what else…I am going to design a lizardman paladin soon. I’m thinking he’ll worship Thor, but I don’t know for sure yet.

    Now I better deal with laundry and grading. I haven’t even started the latter yet, and I’m _already_ feeling depressed….

  3. Arcane Gazebo


    I’ll be giving a talk at the March Meeting ( if I remember to actually send in the APS membership form). Perhaps someone should organize a Tech alum meetup…

  4. Anonymous

    How about we organize a meet-up (or multiple ones thereof) for alums of a certain age (just among people we know) and not worry about all the old farts and grad turkeys who will be there? (Of course, although I really want to attend and with Techers I know going, that just makes me want to go even more, I still sadly won’t know for a while whether I can get it to work.)

    We could get all the physicsy people from Tech that we know pretty easily. There are some specific ones I know who are likely to go (Matt and JK come to mind), and Jing and I both submitted abstracts (while not committing to go), so we could get a reasonable group of cool people pretty easily.

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