It’s inevitable that I’ll catch the flu.

Just riding the BART everyday should be sufficient to expose me to the virus. If that’s not enough, I’ll catch it from one of the guys in lab; two group members have spouses who are ill. Even if I make it to Monday virus-free… I’ll be getting on a plane for three and a half hours of inescapable exposure.

It may already be starting…

2 thoughts on “briefly/flu

  1. Anonymous

    I was going to say something witty about the flu, but I’ve completely failed! So… good luck in avoiding it. :) (Something witty was going to be something related to Tim’s nearly killing us with the flu he brought back from thanksgiving break, but as I said, I failed…)


  2. Tracy Manford

    Been there, done that…it was my luck that I got the flu shot for influenza type B and I then promptly came down with influenza type A (according to Dr. Davis)…life sometimes likes to kick you in the guts just to remind you to appreciate the good stuff, I think. Anyway it was a lovely kick in the guts that lasted, oh, about 3 weeks. Special!

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