Final Montreal Update

Got to sleep in a bit on my final day at the March Meeting; this didn’t erase the cumulative effects of the past few days so I still found myself nodding off in some of the less relevant talks. I attended the session for Physics Careers Outside the University, and found the science policy talks especially interesting. Then Mason’s talk, and some more qubit talks, and then I left a few minutes early to go running.
At the gym they had Lou Dobbs on (or at least his show; someone else was subbing for Lou himself). The topic for part of it was the Pledge case, which was argued before the Supremes today. From what I gathered by squinting at the captions from a distance, the justices were not particularly sympathetic to Newdow. Unfortunate, but at least Bush won’t have one more culture-war campaign issue. I should probably wait for an actual ruling before I say things like this, though.
I still fail to understand the mentality that regards “under God” in the Pledge as something less than a state endorsement of religion. On the other hand, I also fail to understand the mentality that regards millions of American children robotically and uncomprehendingly reciting a loyalty oath every day as a good thing. Unfortunately, a failure to understand my fellow Americans is a common affliction for me.
Tomorrow: 5 am wake-up call! Referred to California time, this is 2 am, so I am now fully phase-shifted to the point that I am waking up when I used to go to bed (at least on weekends). Well, if we weren’t meant to sleep on planes, they wouldn’t have such comfortable seats. Wait a minute…

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  1. Mason Porter

    Hmmm…I see no references to my experimental verification of Newton’s third law (or about whether I am a good repository for babies—I plan to post the pictures from the latter later tonight).

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