In-flight Movie Horror

I’m back from the icy wastes of the north, having risked major neck pain on the return flight by attempting to sleep. Still, unconsciousness was clearly the preferable alternative to the in-flight movie, Cheaper by the Dozen (2003). Every time I opened my eyes, what I saw on the screen was Steve Martin surrounded by a whirlwind of hyperactive, feral super-brats. I thought The Passion was the movie to beat in terms of watching someone being tortured, but I was clearly wrong — what I saw of this movie resembles what I imagine, in my darkest nightmares, as my personal hell.
Anyway, I wish I’d had time to see Montreal, but it’s good to be back where water falls from the sky in its liquid phase. Tomorrow I hope to catch up on the news so I can return to posting about stuff that matters.

13 thoughts on “In-flight Movie Horror

  1. phi

    there’s somebody at the new canaan congregational church who is one of the cheap dozen… ie his parents wrote the book.
    speaking of which, i stole katie’s copy of the night of the dance when i was at yale & started it last night…

  2. mama-san

    After a spring break of indoctrination by Josh I can finally recognize a few of your quotes. These people have issues! My question is: am I too old to develop a thing for Angel? Of course, Giles just seems to be quiet and boring. He obviously has a side that needs checking out. It is OK to give me a score on the “yuck” rating…

  3. Tracy

    You’re never too old for Angel, after all, he’s over 200 years old himself. And Giles is freaking hot, I don’t care what anyone says. Grrrrr….I especially like him in the episode when all of the adults eat magic candy that turns them into teenagers…grrrr….
    Oops, sorry. Estrogen moment.
    P.S. I love Cheaper by the Dozen, the book. It’s great…I haven’t seen the movie, but from what I understand it’s nothing at all like the book…

  4. mama-san

    Hey Tracy –
    What about the swim team episode where Xander becomes a team member? I guarantee you he used to swim for real. That body type doesn’t come naturally.

  5. Tracy

    Eee hee hee I think you’re right — not too shabby if you ask me! I still yearn for Angel, though…men shouldn’t be that good-looking, it isn’t right…I’m comforted by the fact that he’s probably brainless and therefore not worthy of my time. I tried dating a less-than-intelligent guy once and it…was…torture. All of my conversations with him consisted of his “when-I-was-drunk” stories. Riveting. *urp*

  6. mama-san

    I tried that once, too. To add insult to injury he left me for a brainless girl who had other endowments in which I, personally, was lacking. This conversation bodes well for Giles cute quotient, don’t you think?

  7. Dad

    I don’t know Travis. Seems to me like the ladies have jacked your blog and are turning it into Sex in the Cybercity. You wanna try to get this situation under control or what?

  8. mama-san

    Well, Tracy, I was going to continue my study of the Buffy series with a discussion on the occasional appearance of the lovesick badboy, but it will have to wait til the next time we get together. I had a call while I was out from a California area code and I think the estrogen demons are about to be exorcised from Travis’ head and evicted from the premises. It was fun! Catch you later.
    Catch you later!

  9. Tracy

    John Kerry is…hot? Lurch? From the Addams family? Is…hot? UGH UGH UGH UGH
    I have yet to see a politician that I find attractive. Ick.
    Now if we could only get Anthony Stewart Head to run for office…hmmmmm…
    Uh. Back to the blog. So…politics and physics are cool, don’t you think? :p

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