I guess it’s Zombie Month here.

What can I say? I love loathe the undead.
I’m off to see the new Dawn of the Dead over at Cinema of the Damned. I could see The Passion instead, but I hear there’s only one reanimated corpse in that one and it only shows up at the very end. Maybe Mel Gibson will make a sequel involving the dead rising from their graves — apparently that was in the book.
While I’m out, enjoy this in-depth report on the activities of California’s elected officials.

2 thoughts on “I guess it’s Zombie Month here.

  1. Vanessa

    I am suspicious on how this zombie thing is starting to become popular. I used to be the unique crazy, now I have way too much company. I am actually going to see the new one, as everyone says it’s very good and I can’t really compare it to the original, since I fell asleep half-way through it… Except for the whole ‘athletic zombie’ thing- that’s a little odd.
    At least I didn’t visit the original mall, as some old friends did- up for a road trip?

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