I didn’t think zombies were known for their speaking ability.

The various Dawn of the Dead-related news has had a negative impact on the signal/noise ratio for my Google News zombie searches. How will I know if there’s a real outbreak? Besides the mindless hordes trying to eat my flesh, I mean. I did find this article about unconscious behaviors.

When you’re talking, do you construct each sentence first in your mind, piecing the words together? Or do you simply talk, the words tumbling out in proper sequence and syntax?
For the most part, it’s probably the latter. You don’t think about each word before you speak it. “Your brain,” says Koch, “takes care of that quite well without any conscious effort on your part.”
Speaking is, in profound ways, a “nonconscious” behavior. It is a mental operation not directly associated with conscious feelings, sensations or memories. It just sort of happens, seemingly, on its own.

But I do consciously compose what I say before I say it. Is speech really an unconscious act for most people? Could this be part of my conversational difficulties? (If so, I arrive at the conclusion that I will get better at conversation if I practice a lot, which I more or less already knew. The problem, as usual, is that practicing something I’m really, really bad at is quite unpleasant.)

10 thoughts on “I didn’t think zombies were known for their speaking ability.

  1. Tracy

    Hahahaha speech is absolutely an unconscious act for me…in our 20+ years of knowing each other, who has done more of the talking? Wait…have you done any of the talking?
    Yeeeeah…I talk too much. :)

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Not at all; I’m generally more comfortable around talkative people, because they take up the (ample) conversational slack generated by my own lameness.

  3. Zifnab

    No, you’re an elitist who doesn’t think others are interested in hearing your deep thoughts. :)

  4. Zifnab

    Oh yeah, and for the original question, i’m sort of a mixture of both talking without concious thought, and prepared thinking before talking. Usually more of the first, but it varies depending on the situation. Usually in normal conversation it’s both. For things like GMing, it’s almost always the first. When talking about academic things, almost always the latter.

  5. Arcane Gazebo

    In a futile attempt to put this line of argument to rest: I estimate that I have a deep thought approximately once every 14 days. An abundance of deep thoughts is really not the problem. :)

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