Apparently I’m an expert on this subject.

While checking out my referrer logs, I discovered something astonishing: I am the number one search result on Google for the query “tall humans”.
I’m not sure why, but this somehow seemed noteworthy.

6 thoughts on “Apparently I’m an expert on this subject.

  1. Zifnab

    That’s so odd… next thing you know, some woman looking for a ‘tall human’ will go straight to your page. Then, she’ll read the blog… That’s interesting, how geeky do you think it’d be to refer people to your blog after a date? I’d think maybe 11. But if they found it on their own, it’d either be cool, or creepy. Anyways… incoherency wins!

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    I’ve considered this question before, of whether or not to mention my blog to a date. (In the small number of dates that I’ve had since starting the blog, I haven’t yet mentioned it.) And there’s the related question of what impact reading my blog would have on the receptiveness of a woman I’m interested in. Would someone who doesn’t know me find this page intriguing, or banal, or impenetrable? I have no idea, and it certainly depends a lot on the individual.

  3. Zifnab

    I think that referring to the blog can’t really hurt, in that if they are the type to appreciate it, they’re likely also the type who can appreciate you. :) And if they get spooked by it, well…

  4. Arcane Gazebo

    I think it’s pretty clear that my blog persona is quite different from my face-to-face persona. But it’s certainly the latter that’s relevant for relationships. So it seems like I would want to avoid a situation where a woman who might like me in person is repelled early on by reading my blog and passes up the chance to get to know me better. Although what Tracy seems to be saying is that my blog persona is rather more attractive than my face-to-face persona (he certainly has more to say), and therefore I should try to maximize that mode of interaction. This seems reasonable if you grant the premise.

  5. Tracy

    All I meant was that you can learn a lot more about Travis the person from reading this blog….Travis in person tends to be more reticent, so….there you go…
    And I never used the word attractive
    ZING! :)

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