Killing Bill soon…

At about 8:30 this evening I started to feel a rather intense need to see Kill Bill vol 2, and it occurred to me that midnight showings might exist, even though my chances of getting a ticket seemed rather slim. Two hours later, having watched the first volume on DVD, I was driving across the Bay Bridge with Battle Without Honor or Humanity playing on the stereo. Now I’m updating by phone from the (very long) line at the theater. Spoiler-free review to follow later.

2 thoughts on “Killing Bill soon…

  1. Joshua Hime

    Seeing as I was doing Japanese homework and watching Angel last night, I was not in a position to properly chastise you for seeing this before me. So here goes:
    You bastard.
    I hope you get all the songs by the 5,6,7,8’s in your head.
    Other than that, I’m sure you haven’t updated due to its being late and utter rockingness. I myself will be seeing it at 7:00 tonight if I don’t break down and go to an earlier show as well.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Does that include their cover of “I’m Blue” which wasn’t originally written by them?
    Yeah, I was going to update last night after I got back, but that was before I got on the Bay Bridge and discovered that traffic was reduced to one lane for maintenance, and consequently I would be getting home later than I expected.

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