Van Helsing

Buffy: A guy like you should think about going electric. Seriously.

Dracula took that advice a little too far in this movie.
It had its moments, but didn’t meet my standard for Dracula movies, which is that they should be at least as good as “Buffy vs. Dracula”. Admittedly this is not a low bar. Anyway, Van Helsing: action scenes were competent but not exceptional, and I never got the sense that the characters were in any actual danger; dialogue was typically pretty lame, but who really cares about dialogue in this sort of movie; Van Helsing’s sidekick was pretty amusing and his secret society at the Vatican was intriguing, wish there was a bit more about it (maybe in the sequel); Kate Beckinsale is hot (time to go rent Underworld, I think). That’s pretty much it.