When SUVs are outlawed…

I’m reading about Kerry’s speech today and the Republican response. Is this the best they’ve got?

Kerry outlines global mission for U.S.
Republicans also complained that if Kerry wants to end America’s dependence on Mideast oil, he should support opening Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, which he opposes.
“His solution is to make families drive around in small, unsafe cars,” Virginia Sen. George Allen said on a Republican conference call to respond to Kerry’s speech in Seattle.

Right. The USGS estimates 5.25 billion barrels of economically recoverable oil in ANWR. That’s enough to end our dependence on foreign oil for almost an entire year. But I guess that’s the sort of long term planning one should expect from the party that brought you the current budget deficit.
And which is the more ridiculous implication of Sen. Allen’s statement: that Kerry is somehow going to force families to drive small cars, or that small cars are intrinsically unsafe (as compared, presumably, with SUVs, whose poor handling, high center of gravity, and tendency to roll over make them paragons of safety)?
In the California energy crisis a few years back the residents of our great state voluntarily reduced our energy consumption by ten percent. Perhaps Sen. Allen feels that his constituents are insufficiently patriotic to make similar sacrifices for the cause of our nation’s energy independence, leading him to believe that Kerry would have to “make” them conserve. How sad.

2 thoughts on “When SUVs are outlawed…

  1. Tracy

    Everytime the ANWR drilling question comes up I feel ill. Will there be any place left unspoiled on Earth, or are we determined to just mutilate it beyond recognition? AAAARRRGGHHH
    That wasn’t meant to be some eco-rant, I just can’t stomach more drilling for more oil when I just don’t feel like we (the world en masse) are making any sort of real movement towards alternative fuel. I know, I know, there are hybrid cars out there, but how many people are driving them?

  2. Lemming

    At times like this, I can pretend to feel high and mighty about having neither a license or car, despite in reality just being lazy.

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