Unattractive fantasies

Time for another entry in the never-ending series on small perturbations in my attractiveness. Via Sarah Weinman I learn that my choice of reading material doesn’t poll well with women:

Penguin books quizzed 1000 females about the holiday reads they would look for in a mate.
They found fantasy fiction like JK Rowling’s series, JRR Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels put girls off.
Sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox, from BBC2’s Would Like To Meet, said men escaping into alternative realities appear to have less grip on the real world.
She added: ‘They usually are so immersed in the world they’re experiencing through their book, they forget about real life.
‘This guy isn’t going to be trendy or particularly rich.’

Hey, just because I once wore a Starfleet uniform to a Renaissance Faire doesn’t mean I don’t have a grip on the real world!

8 thoughts on “Unattractive fantasies

  1. Zifnab

    I would question making a judgement on self-attractiveness based on this article, looking at just the final line: “This guys isn’t going to be trendy or particularly rich.” I think, being grad students/scientists, that the likelihood of ever being rich is fairly low, and there’s also the question of whether we/I would really want a mate who was interested in me because I was trendy, or going to be rich. Heck, i’m sure being trendy requires a lot of work, too, and i’m pretty lazy about that sort of thing. Anyways… Just trying to justify my sci-fi reading, hehe. It’s ok, I think, as my girlfriend reads the exact same books. ^^

  2. Zifnab

    Note to self: cut/paste lines being quoted so they don’t suddenly misquote “guy” as “guys”. Oops.

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    I agree with your first point: In terms of indicators of low income that women might pick up on, my reading choices are somewhat far down the list for me. As for your second point, certainly I want to avoid the sort of woman for whom money/fashion is foremost on her mind, but I suspect these factors come in at an unconscious level for women who aren’t so shallow. I don’t think anyone’s making the sci-fi=no money calculation explicitly (except for BBC’s relationship expert); instead sci-fi/fantasy is seen as boring or lame, and it’s only at a deeper level that this perception arises because of the (apparent) anticorrelation with trendy/rich people.
    I should emphasize that the above claims are pulled out of my ass and I have absolutely no evidence for them whatsoever.

  4. Sarah

    I do have a strong feeling the representative sample of women asked in this survey are more likely to be found, say, getting massively drunk on holiday in Ibiza than actually looking for a real mate. And the “trendy and rich” part really stuck out. A lot.

  5. Mason Porter

    Bah on their results—here’s something that’s different but correlated: the only time women who I didn’t already know came up to me to start conversations (yes, this has happened) was when I wore shirts that displayed my sense of humor and they wanted to read the whole thing, ask me about it, or whatever. (In one case, I accidently poked the girl with a pool cue twice before the conversation started, but that’s completely irrelevant.)
    Or perhaps they just like my mad quantum chaos skillz…

  6. Vanessa

    Yes, I judge my men by what they read!! Dammit all! [/end sarcasm]
    Mmmmmm, trendy and rich…I’m so hot now.. Not a factor at all. And if it was, would you want her?
    In reality, A guy that reads the same books that I do? Hell yes, but not exactly the definitive factor. Nice to have an extra thing in common, but really people- Perspective please.

  7. Tracy

    Here’s my two cents: If a guy is so immersed in ANYTHING he does that he forgets about real life, that’s a turn-off. It doesn’t just have to be a fantasy novel. I see more guys obsessed with their CAREERS than anything else. And yes, I do consider what someone reads to be an important look inside their skulls…I know a guy who only reads books about money and how to hide your money from the government. Is this someone I would ever want to marry? HELL NO!

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