Soulless Veteran

As you may have heard, Max Cleland attempted to deliver a letter to George Bush’s Crawford campaign prop ranch, denouncing the ads questioning Kerry’s military record . While Cleland was unable to get the letter through the roadblock, apparently the Bush campaign asked another Vietnam veteran, Jerry Patterson, to exchange letters with him. Patterson had this to say:

“I tried to accept that letter and he would not give it to me,” said Patterson. “He would not face me. He kept rolling away from me. He’s quite mobile.”

(Via Talking Points Memo.)
This reminds me of someone else…

Angelus: As long as there’s injustice in the world, as long as scum like you is walking… well, rolling the streets… I’ll be around. (“Innocence”)
Angelus: Well, maybe next time I’ll bring you with me, Spike. Might be handy to have you around if I ever need a really good parking space. (“Passion”)
Angelus: Don’t worry, roller boy. I’ve got everything under control. (“Passion”)
Angelus: Things change, Spikey. You gotta roll with the punches. Well, actually, you pretty much got that part down, haven’t you? (“I Only Have Eyes For You”)

Hey, Angelus is a charming guy, but I’m not sure the Bush campaign should be emulating him.