Metaphorical Baseball Thread

If the Red Sox win the World Series, I will consider it a sign of the apocalypse. If the Red Sox win the Series and Bush wins the election, I will repent my sins, because the rivers of blood and dead rising from the grave won’t be far behind.
Speaking of the election, it is important that the Astros lose in order to avert the Boston vs. Houston series that will result in endless dumb comparisons to Bush and Kerry. Some may consider this a betrayal of my Houston roots, to which I say: of course it is! I betray my Houston roots all the time! I make up alternate histories for myself in which I was born in California and large portions of my extended family moved to Texas by chance!
The alternative is Boston vs. St. Louis, which is (if you’re a Republican) a battle between the decadent, elitist coastal enclaves and the patriotic, traditional American heartland, or (if you’re a Democrat) a battle between Boston and St. Louis. In any case, my dislike of the Red Sox borders on the irrational, so I will give my endorsement to the red state team and then probably not pay very much attention.

6 thoughts on “Metaphorical Baseball Thread

  1. Zifnab

    Hrm. Please disregard the previous empty comment, apparently hitting enter at the wrong point in this form will just post. Anyways… I didn’t think of that analogy between baseball teams in the world series, that’s pretty funny. I personally am hoping Houston makes it and wins, so I might feel somewhat better about them beating my favorite, the Braves. But now that you mention all the dumb comparisons, maybe it’d just be better if St Louis won.
    On a completely unrelated side-note, “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” is a very engrossing book, even though i’m really mystified as to where it’s going plotwise. Strange is just too interesting to read about, causing me to keep reading just to see what he’s going to do next.

  2. Lemming

    I’m curious to see Saint Louis make it, because two of the people I game with on Friday nights are huge fans of the respective teams, and I’d love to see the sparks fly.
    On another note, your site is apparently text-mode friendly, score one for the Gazebo!

  3. Anonymous

    WHAT? how could you possibly have a dislike of the Red Sox that borders on the irrational?! do you *remember* new canaan the land of the yankees? … where people would listen to the games on little earpieces (once in mrs dennin’s algebra ii class, as i recall) and the yankees would *always* win…? after years of that i had no alternative but to become a red sox person. and how could one help but rejoice when legions of irritating drunk yankee fans chanting “who’s your daddy” at pedro martinez and throwing miscellaneous objects onto the field and waving banners reminding boston of its Curse had to go home wednesday night after losing FOUR GAMES IN A ROW…?
    phi, giving vent to yet more of her excess testosterone (see comment in more recent entry)

  4. Arcane Gazebo

    I was so oblivious in New Canaan that I was only vaguely aware that there was a team called the Yankees. Nowadays of course I recognize the evil of the Yankees, but I refuse to let this recognition turn me into a fan of the Red Sox. A pox on both their houses!

  5. Mason

    I am rooting for the Red Sox to win, although that obviously would have been much different had the Dodgers still been playing baseball by the time the World Series rolled around…
    I love the fact that the Yankees had the worst choke in postseason history and that George must be having a huge conniption right now.
    As for apocalyptic signs, imagine if it had been Cubs-Red Sox in 03 (which would have been awesome! not that Yankees-Marlins crap; err, I HATE the Yanlees; not as much as the Giants, but I hate them nonetheless). They probably would have gone to game 7 and the world would have ended before the game did, because that’s really the only way things could work… :)
    I went to my high school’s 10 year reunion this year. I lot of the people I wanted to see didn’t show up, but it was still fun. I must say it’s weird that the people who wanted to talk to me have a _much_ smaller correlation than expected than the people with whom I sometimes hung out. There were some people I never hung out with who were really happy to see me and came up to me (etc) and there were some who I occasionally talked to before who didn’t bother to talk to me (and I didn’t bother to talk to them). There were a couple people with whom I hung out a pretty good amount, and I talked to them a bunch obviously.
    The best line of the evening. One friend goes up to me, says “My feet really hurt. I need to go outside and smoke.” and then goes does that. (I had talked to her previously. That wasn’t the extent of our conversation.)

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