New Comment Policy

Due to a recent torrent of comment spam, I have finally started closing old threads. The policy will be that posts more than 10 days old will be closed to comments; this is also when a post disappears from the main page. If you want to comment on a closed post, please use the most recent open thread.
Congratulations to, who managed to post a diet pills ad to an old thread about ten seconds before I ran the mt-close script.
Since this should cut down hugely on the spam, I have re-enabled HTML in comments.
I should also remark on the recent lack of posts: I have been buried in work, and am about to go out of town for a few days, during which I may or may not have Internet access. Therefore this is likely to continue until Tuesday, when I will probably return for live coverage of the election returns in some form. I would like to post a detailed set of endorsements before the weekend, but I may not have time.