6 thoughts on “Look out!

  1. Mason

    Certainly in the northeast (read: Ithaca), it can be bad. Of course, this is just the sunlight thing too. Ithaca gets several months in a row of cloudy skies and suicides result. (Plus, the gorges are right on the way to the dorms, so it’s really easy to boot. If not for the latter fact, I swear that sheer laziness would reduce the number of suicides they have!)
    As for 1/24 being bad, I better brace myself. I’m not in the mood for bad news. (I’m crossing my fingers, so maybe the only thing I’ll get on 1/24 is permanent malformation of my hands.)

  2. Mason

    Oh, I almost forgot. As for the amount of sunlight, then if one extrapolates to light, perhaps they got it right in The Sims.
    Mmmmm… light.
    Like a moth to a flame, so I go…

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Hmm… if we expect 1/24 to be a bad day simply due to environmental considerations like the ones in the article, does Murphy’s Law (or something similar) imply that we should see an additional uptick in bad-news type events to make it even worse?
    This leads me to thinking about a noise model of misery, where you have white noise type contributions like amount of sunlight, and shot noise type events like checks bouncing or Bushes being elected to high office. Maybe we can merge this with the quantum cuteness model through a fluctuation-dissipation type argument.

  4. Mason

    An excellent idea! Let’s do it! Maybe we can even get grant money! The quantum cuteness article is already written, after all (though rejected by AIR because they thought their readers might become offended…).
    Hell, they published an article about the smallworld of Brazilian soccer players in PRE last year, so why not!!! (This example was _not_ a joke, and reading the abstract makes it even more ridiculous. I do some research in that field, so it irks me and gives the whole field a bad name when people do this. At least the one about the small world of comic book characters seems to only be on the arxiv rather than in a real journal. American Journal of Physics would be fine, but _not_ PRE!)

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