It’s not my fault!

You may have been wondering if this site was simply hiding from the most depressing day of the year. Actually, what happened was that when I arrived at my office yesterday morning, there was an e-mail from the operations manager waiting for me that said:

If you are in Birge you are likely cold and without network connection.

Yes, both the building heat and network were down. (This lends credence to my Murphy’s Law hypothesis about 24 Jan.) This made it difficult for me to read this e-mail, but fortunately I was able to pick up a weak wi-fi signal from somewhere.
I’ve started using my Livejournal page for site status updates during unexpected outages like this, so next time you can check there if you’re curious what happened. It’s the second google hit for “Arcane Gazebo” after this site.

3 thoughts on “It’s not my fault!

  1. Mason

    Nothing horrible happened to me yesterday (about which I have yet found out, at any rate). Of course, I did have over 5 hours worth of meetings on Monday, so I couldn’t begin to get any research done.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    “Over 5 hours worth of meetings” strikes me as something horrible, but maybe your meetings are of a different quality than the ones I’m accustomed to. :)

  3. Mason

    Well, that’s essentially something that happens every almost Monday. Actually, I had one more hour than usual this past Monday.
    Here’s what they were:
    10-11am: meeting with a student and co-advisor; this student frustrates me beyond belief (he still hasn’t learned that I don’t react well to bullshit)
    11am-noon: group meeting, which means a seminar (usually on a subject I find very interesting)
    noon–1pm: meeting with one of my exceptional students (she has a really good chance of getting the Apker award next year and is going to get into basically any grad school she wants) and co-advisor
    1pm–2pm (this is the only one that’s not regular): lunch meeting with a GTRI researcher with whom I may collaborate on work on left-handed optical materials (he needs a theorist with my training); GTRI = GT’s version of JPL (although they study different topics, so this is a rather loose analogy); this guy remembered me from my undergrad days at Caltech [he audited math 110 the year I took it] and sought me out because he supposedly remembered the quality of my work (weird)
    2–3pm: meeting with another pair of students and a co-advisor (this is on a project in which we’re doing some mathematical analysis of phylogenetic networks to find a better way to construct evolutionary trees; we’re working with a genomics lab on this one)
    4:30–5:30pm: the weekly seminar that I run
    So, really only one of these meetings is very annoying. The rest just prevent me from doing calculations or stuff like that on Mondays because of sheer volume.
    Next year [if things work out], I will have the downside of having truly odious meetings. Why do I phrase it this way? Well, it’s because tenure-track faculty are forced to deal with more such meetings than postdocs, so the presence of such meetings in the fall has implications about my present job search.
    As usual, I used way too many words to say all this.

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