Our situation has not improved.

I was pretty happy when Rod Paige resigned as Secretary of Education: he once referred to the NEA as “terrorists”, and under his superintendentship the city of Houston covered up dropout rates in an Enron-style fraud. Unfortunately, Bush got to choose his replacement, too.

Margaret Spellings took over as Education Secretary on Monday. So what did she do on Tuesday?
Answer: she wrote a letter to PBS complaining that an episode of one of their children’s shows included a passing reference to a gay couple[.]

It’s going to be a long four years…

3 thoughts on “Our situation has not improved.

  1. Mason

    I’ll just stay in my cocoon until its over, and maybe I’ll only be aware of the worst of it. (Well, when one is a mathematician, this tends to happen regardless of good or bad.)

  2. R wellor

    It is one of the unfortunate features of the Bush administration that it manages to replace departing evil with even greater evil.
    time and time again..

  3. Mason

    If we’re going to have the greater evil, let’s just vote for Cthulhu and be done with it! (He [it?] would be a better choice than Bush anyway.)

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