Friday Catblogging: Good Omens

catblogging - good omens
It’s not my prerogative to name a stray cat, but in order to have a way to refer to him, I’ve been calling him “Omen”.
In some video games such as the Soul Reaver series, the main character has the ability to climb certain vertical surfaces, and climbable surfaces have a special texture to indicate this property. I assume that to Omen’s eyes my legs appear to be a climbable surface, as he is rather insistent on scaling me. I wouldn’t object, except that where he touches bare skin I break out in hives within minutes—I seem to have inherited my father’s cat allergy.

4 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Good Omens

  1. Mason the Unlikely

    Omen’s eyes seem rather omenous in this photo.
    P.S. I (finally) saw Goodbye Lenin on Wednesday. If you haven’t seen it, you should go do so (immediately). I think you in particular might really like it. Tonight, I am going to see a live version of The Graduate. (I have never seen the movie, but it’s rather famous for having been designed around the music of Simon and Garfunkel).

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Omen does not care for being photographed, and in the rare pictures where he’s both stationary and facing the camera, he seems to have a very annoyed look.

  3. Modulator

    Friday Ark

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  4. Mason

    After you said stationary, I really thought you were going to include a QM joke. I’m disappointed in you.
    By the way, I wrote a weak-power version of Captain Quantum for the hero game… (I don’t understand the system at all, so I’m sure a complete revision will be necessary after I discover how dumb my decisions were.) The game got delayed a lot by the delay in the release of the pertinent game product.
    With the few points I had, I only gave him entanglement and decoherence powers.

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