City of Angels [Open Thread]

Slightly behind schedule, I’m off to Los Angeles and Pasadena, returning Monday. Blogging may or may not occur, so use the open thread if you get bored. Lightning music review:
Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Matt Sweeny: Superwolf: Sort of a slow-paced, rambling alt-country sound which is tough to describe. Not usually my style of music, but it’s pretty good. Try “My Home is the Sea”.

One thought on “City of Angels [Open Thread]

  1. Lemming

    Hrm, so if I figure things right, you’re what, plodding through the grapevine this very moment?
    Oh me? No, I wasn’t going to say anything. I’m just killing time at work. While there’s something that just feels good about bring 64 processors to their knees for the next hour and a half, there’s not really much else for me to do until they finish.
    Except other work, I suppose. Damn.

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