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Proof that I’m really here. It rained all the way down the 5, except for a short patch north of the Tejon Pass; you could see the rainclouds surrounding the hills, which looked really cool, but my picture didn’t come out. I did capture a rainbow with a pot of gold Starbucks at the end.
More photoblogging as the week progresses…

7 thoughts on “LA Sightseeing

  1. Jolene

    To pop in out of nowhere…a little lemming passed on word that some of you all are meeting up in Pasadena this weekend after the APS meeting. I’m actually going to be up in LA this weekend to visit my parents, and I’m going to be spending time with them Friday and Saturday but have Sunday free. Is anything going on Sunday that I could crash?
    Hi, by the way. :)

  2. Zifnab

    I think the main gaming plans were for friday and saturday, but i’m sure there will be general hanging out on sunday til airport time.

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Jolene! Hi! Welcome to the blog. :)
    Yeah, right now the default plan is just to hang out (presumably at Zif’s place) Sunday until I have to drive back. Bongos may or may not be involved. (Which is not to preclude anyone proposing exciting adventures for Sunday.) Certainly drop by if you get the chance…
    Zifnab: Airport time? Is someone flying somewhere?

  4. Jolene

    Spiffy – I might drop by Pasadena then if I’m not detained by the parents for too long on Sunday. I’ll give Z a call or something to check before heading up.

  5. Mason

    I’ll be in Pasadena for Friday’s gaming but will be leaving pretty early (maybe noonish) on Saturday.
    Sunday is my flight back and Saturday I’ll be hanging out with some high school friends.

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