March Meeting Language Update

Best descripition of a physical phenomenon from a speaker today: “Wow, that’s like, crazy loud.” (This was in reference to particularly strong 1/f noise they had measured in Josephson junctions.)

3 thoughts on “March Meeting Language Update

  1. Mason

    You should have seen my slide titled:
    “Grudge Match: Solitons vs. MAWs” …
    By the way, I’ve avoided any personal tests of Newton’s laws at the March Meeting this year…
    Also, speaking in the same session as 4 bigshots (as the only exception in the session), including the person who constructed the first ever mathematical formulation of a soliton and giving the talk right after a guy who has won the premier world award in stat phys (who, if I am not mistaken, may also be the person who first formulated the fluctuation-dissipation ‘theorem’) is bloody intimidating…
    That was not one of my better performances, to say the least… (It would have helped if I had prepated better. Making slides on Monday and Tuesday at the conference is just not a good idea…)

  2. Lemming

    I hope nobody minds if I cringe every time I hear “Josephson junction”.
    Yeah. *cringe*

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