March Meeting Talk Update

I had thought my talk was too long, so I streamlined it a lot the last few days. I ended up using eight minutes instead of the intended ten, so I could have gone more slowly. Other than that it went well, and unlike last year the question period was not a disaster. To celebrate, I plan lots of gaming.

4 thoughts on “March Meeting Talk Update

  1. Mason

    If things hadn’t gone well, wouldn’t you still have rewarded/consoled yourself with lots of gaming? Here, you can reward yourself. In that case, you could just have called it consolation instead… :)
    By the way, I remember last year’s and didn’t think it was such a disaster. The tough questioner I remember was Mark Dykman, who I know because he does a lot of stuff in my area. He was just asking things because he was interested. He came across as critical only because he’s Russian, and their questions often (usually?) come across as confrontational or critical. It was just his personality, not your talk.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Indeed, the lots of gaming would have been excellent consolation, had it been needed. :) As for last year, the disaster wasn’t the question itself but how I reacted to it: intimidated, flustered, etc. I was much better at thinking on my feet this year.

  3. Mason

    It’s just a matter of practice. The art of “let’s discuss this offline” is rather important. There are a couple of wolves out there, and you don’t want to let them smell blood. Sometimes one just doesn’t have an optimal answer for a question, and it needs to be discussed later.

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