Relaxation time [Open Thread]

Now that my talk is out of the way, the rest of the week should be more relaxing…
Kung Fu Hustle: I can only describe the style of this movie as a live-action Warner Bros. cartoon. The martial arts by itself wasn’t spectacular, and the plot was totally disposable, but it was highly entertaining in its silly comedic mode.
British Sea Power: Open Season: I’m not sure what to say about this album. I like it, but it sort of fades into the back of my mind whenever I play it, so I’m having a hard time picking out specific details to talk about. Maybe I should just give you the first track, “It Ended on an Oily Stage”, and let you make your own judgement.

13 thoughts on “Relaxation time [Open Thread]

  1. Lemming

    I’ll second the motion on Kung Fu Hustle. It was good, fun, funny and all that. Not as good as Shaolin Soccer, but still pretty good. It also reminds me that I still have a copy of The God of Cookery (same guy, smaller budget, older movie) lying around that I haven’t watched. Must get to that at some point.

  2. Mason

    Kung Fu Hustle rocked! (Obviously, I’m not nominating it for an Oscar either.)
    I still haven’t seen Shaolin Soccer, but that’s been on my list ever since I first heard about it…
    Lately, my life consists of working on page proofs and explaining to the publishing house why some of the “corrections” they made are really bloody stupid. (I love the here’s the page proofs [that they screwed up royally] and we want to receive a hard copy in 48 hours—never mind all the other things you’re supposed to do by then. That makes for a really fun day and night…)
    If things clear up sufficiently, I hope to see Hitchhiker’s Guide on Friday and a performance of Man of la Mancha on Saturday. I still want to see (Melinda)^2 and Fever Pitch before it’s too late, but they’re going to have to wait at least a few more days.
    In the short term, the high priorities are dealing with whatever immediate deadlines keep showing up with my congress paper and starting to make the final I have to give next week. Figuring out my apartment situation is starting to become a little bit urgent as well.
    I can’t wait to move, settle in, and (especially!) _slow down_. I need to take a breather.

  3. Lemming

    Yarr, that’d be something.
    On another note, I’ll be visiting the Bay Area in about a week, if you’re gonna be around. I’ll be up from sometime Friday until Sunday, though I’m already going to be busy Friday and Saturday night.

  4. Mason

    Please enlighten me on Serenity and Firefly. I have no clue about them. (I suspect I need background and not just a trailer.)

  5. Lemming

    Serenity: Movie based on Firefly
    Firefly: A cancelled TV series. It was a sci-fi, western space opera. Excellent characters being its biggest selling point, but they also got a lot of other things right (it’s quiet it space!). It had really high production value–the end result was that it was beautifully put together, but expenses were also very high, which helped lead to its downfall. It’s popoularity took a while to build momentum. I never even heard of the show until it was cancelled (well, I saw the raving lunatics on /., but who trusts them?)
    Oh, and Jewel plays the ship’s mechanic, and she’s like crazy hot or something.

  6. Lemming

    God dammit, I got its/it’s right three times in a row (a triumph for me!) only to screw it up.
    I am a sad man.

  7. Arcane Gazebo

    Yeah, the series only ran for 14 episodes, during which time Fox apparently did a terrible job of promoting it and ran the episodes out of order. (Since continuity is generally important for Joss Whedon’s work, this would have been pretty confusing.) There were several plot threads unresolved when the show was cancelled, which will hopefully be picked up by the movie. Also, somewhere (IMDB?) I read that the contract is for three movies, of which Serenity is the first.
    For disambiguation, I should note that the mechanic is played by a (crazy hot) actress named Jewel Staite, distinct from Jewel the musician.

  8. Lemming

    I stand corrected! I had just thought she kind of looked like Jewel (the singer), and so when the name “Jewel Staite” scrolled by I assumed they were one and the same.
    Well, I know what happens when you make an assumption–you make an ASS out of U and MPTION!

  9. Mason

    When I read Jewel, I did assume you meant the musician, whose last name is something like Kilchner (explaining pretty well why she doesn’t use it).
    Now that you mention the Fox connection, I do recall some vague memories of seeing commercials advertising that show—probably during some baseball games I watched on Fox. If I ever saw any of it (which I doubt), then it apparently didn’t leave any impression on me (in any direction), so I assume I never accidently tuned in.

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